Jack of Westside Creators

Jack is an enthusiastic mentor who loves to encourage artists of all ages and skill levels to draw. Described by students as a gifted teacher and wonderful storyteller, with a proven ability to reach and inspire even those who say they can’t draw. Many of these students often complete their first class with a drawing they’re proud to bring home and show their friends and family.

After taking every art class high school had to offer, Jack graduated with honours and in the process, earned his Certificate from the prestigious International Baccalaureate program in Fine Arts.

Jack then published his own comic book and was a guest artist at several comic conventions in Vancouver. It was an exciting time. Jack was accepted into the Animation program at the Vancouver Film School and he completed the program with flying colours. After graduating, Jack mentored students, where he also worked on an original story, co-wrote a script, character designs and drew the storyboards for a group project.

Two years later, Jack was hired by a studio as a lighting technician for a full length 3D Animated film. Then he worked as an animator for a studio on a popular UK television series.

Starting in 2017, Jack began creating whimsical and enormously funny cat-art under the pseudonym, Meyow.

In 2020, he got to meet his comic book hero, Todd McFarlane who said to Jack ” Since I inspired you to draw comics. Can you do me a favour? Teach the next generation to draw comics. ” Jack smiled, nodded his head and replied “I will do my best”. Within a few weeks of this chance encounter, Jack began teaching cartooning classes at Urban Native Youth Association and taught more classes at Two of Hearts Boutique, where his wife Jenny, creator of CiCi clothing was instrumental in encouraging Jack to pursue his passion for cartooning and teaching art.

Then in September 2023, wanting to inspire more artists, Jack collaborated with Jenny at Two of Hearts Boutique and began West Side Creators with the intent of helping inspire artists of every generation, to unleash their creativity and imagination.