Shop Local in Vancouver

Everyone should shop local in Vancouver.  Two of Hearts Boutique stocks a wide selection of locally made jewelry and accessories handcrafted by local artists.  The house brand CiCi is all designed and manufactured in Vancouver.

What are the benefits if you shop local in Vancouver?

  • It helps to keep the local economy strong by keeping the money within the city or province.
  • It employs more people and supports local artists and companies.
  • It creates a lower carbon footprint as the goods are made and delivered locally.
  • The quality of goods is higher as they are either made by hand or in small quantities where there is better quality control.
  •  Workers are being paid a fair living wage.  Working conditions can also be monitored on a more frequent basis so that ethical and fair treatment of employees are ensured.

How much will it cost to shop local in Vancouver?

“It’s not any more pricey than what you find at the big box stores with a well known label on it.  The prices are also very reasonable as the jewelry and accessories are unique and handmade.  The CiCi house label is made locally and in small batches, so they are also more unique and exclusive. ” says Jenny Yen, Designer of Cici Clothing in Vancouver.

Say no to made overseas mass produced clothing and accessories and shop local in Vancouver.

“We are basically living in a day and age where so many things are mass produced and made overseas.  These days it’s hard to find a store that stocks merchandise made locally, but it’s out there you can shop local in Vancouver.  People are realizing the benefits of eating local food,  so why not wear clothing and accessories that are made locally rather than branded apparel that is made overseas?”  says Jenny Yen, designers of Cici Clothing.

Support Ethical working conditions when you shop local in Vancouver.

People are becoming more aware of the unethical working conditions of factories that produce goods for big brands.   It’s a matter creating awareness and educating people that there are alternatives and that local is stylish, fashionable and affordable.

There are so many benefits if you shop local in Vancouver.  Come and visit Two of Hearts Boutique and see for yourself all of the amazing designs that come from our city.  You will not only leave looking your best, you will also feel it too.

Shop Local in Vancouver